• 8 November 2013

    Patersonlabs Receives AS9100 Certification

    Patersonlabs recently received AS9100 Certification. This PRI certification demonstrates our expertise and our commitment to developing high-quality products and services for the aerospace industry. Read more about the AS9100 certification on the PRI website or see our certificate.
  • NASA Orion Web Page on IPad
    6 February 2013

    Orion Projected Milestones dd

    Orion, a new spacecraft for human exploration, is well into it's development phase. "While challenges are nothing new to the Orion team, now we are doing the hardest part of our work to actually build the hardware and software, integrate it into a deep space spacecraft, and prepare it to
  • Patersonlabs' CESTOL Model "Amelia" on NBC
    12 December 2012

    Orion Milestones

    NBC covered the wind tunnel test of our CESTOL subatomic aircraft, nicknamed "Amelia" after Amelia Earhart, model. The test was in collaboration with California Polytechnic State University, conducted in their wind tunnel in San Luis Obispo. Check out the photo gallery on the NBC Bay Area site.